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Magswitch is an industry leader in advanced permanent magnet technology.

hittemapOur core patented technology has taken the magnetic steel handling industries by storm. Magswitch utilizes two diametrically polarized magnets, with one rotating on top of the other. By rotating the top magnet 180 degrees, the magnetic poles of both magnets are aligned to generate a powerful magnetic field. When rotated back 180 degrees, the magnetic poles are counter-aligned, collapsing the magnetic field within the magnet material creating a complete ON/OFF permanent magnet. Magswitch is able to be lightweight, versatile, and extremely powerful due to intelligent design and industry leading technology. The advantages garnered by the use of this technology, from stay-clean tools to thin sheet de-stacking, have been applied throughout the industrial workforce to solve challenging problems, increase efficiency, and lower production costs.

magneetAs a leader in magnetic material handling tools, Magswitch has continued developing its core technology as well as finding new ways to apply the technology maintaining its place at the forefront of the industry. Magswitch has honed the design of the housings used with its core technology. The precision shapes of the Magswitch housings allow for a focused magnetic field. This allows each Magswitch unit to achieve full power on thinner materials than other permanent magnets in the industry.

Pushing the industry further, Magswitch has patented a method to control field depth of a magnet system with its Array technology. The technology allows for thin sheet metal to be de-stacked from a pallet without grabbing the sheets below. This technology is rapidly replacing vacuum cups throughout the automation industry today.

For more on the latest technology in development at Magswitch, see our New Technology section.

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Safety: At Magswitch, we are dedicated to safety. We consider safety in everything we do. If you work around steel, safety is the first consideration. Fewer hands on the job touching steel, means a safer workplace. Safety is our prime design consideration, easy actuation, lighter lifting, stability control and lift-to-shear capabilities all tie back to an emphasis on safety.

Green: Magswitch is a green technology. Enduring power of rare earth magnets without electricity.

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